Easy Installation Instructions

BFM-Easy-Installation Instructions

Ensure the BFM® spigot is clean and dry.

BFM-Easy-Installation Instructions

Seat the back of the connector into the BFM® spigot and release.

BFM-Easy-Installation Instructions

Occasionally, the seal may not fully snap into the seated position first-time, as shown above. If so, please refer to step 4.

BFM-Easy-Installation Instructions

Push the seal toward the center of the fitting at a different point on the circumference. On large diameters, this step may need to be repeated several times.

BFM-Easy-Installation Instructions

The fitting should be sitting snugly and evenly. Now repeat the process with the other end of the connector.

BFM-Easy-Installation Instructions

Snap into the second spigot, ensuring that the welded seam of the connector is straight and that points A and B are directly in line.

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