BFM® spigots are manufactured out of 304 and 316 stainless steel in a range of standard sizes from 100 mm (4 in) up to 1,650 mm (65 in) in 50 mm (2 in) increments that can accommodate virtually any process environment. Additionally, for special applications, C22 Hastelloy is available from 100 mm (4 in) to 500 mm (20 in) in 50 mm (2 in) increments.
  • The spigot design incorporates a slight taper allowing the unit to be trimmed to an exact fit for any existing pipe or installation.
  • BFM® spigots have a 52 mm (2 in) tail that can be cut back to suit existing pipework.
  • Spigots for Tool Release installations require a 6 mm (15/64") hole in the top rim of the spigot. Pre-drilled spigots are available for purchase with your TR Connectors.
  • Jacob flanges are available that allow the spigots to be installed or removed in seconds without tools. For more heavy duty applications we can provide 150# flanges or ferrule ends for sanitary applications.
  • For more details view the spigot drawing.
Note: For applications where electrostatic charge may build up, we recommend using a grounding strap to connecting the two BFM® spigots together.
BFM® Spigot
BFM® Spigot
BFM® Spigot attached to Jacob Inspection Port
BFM® Spigot attached to Jacob Inspection Port
BFM® Spigot with Jacob Flange
BFM® Spigot with Jacob Flange
Physical Properties
Material 316 SS 304 SS C22 Hastelloy
Interior Finish 0.8 Ra micrometters (32 Ra microinches)
Wall Thickness Ø 100 mm / 4" =  1.5 mm / 1/16" Ø 150 mm / 5" upwards = 2.0 mm / 5/64"
Available Diameters (Stainless Steel) 100 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm then in 50 mm increments up to 1,650 mm 4", 5", 6" then in 2" increments up to 65"
Available Diameters (Hastelloy) From 150 mm up to 500 mm in 50 mm increments From 6" up to 20" in 2" increments

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