Anti Static BFM fitting

Seeflex 040AS is a clear ether based thermoplastic polyurethane allow with Anti-static infusion.  Having no memory, Seeflex 040AS will not fracture as a result of constant flexing.
  • Atex compliant on products as low as 1mJ.
  • Designed for applications where static is a problem
  • Compatible with 100% aromatic hydrocarbon vapors, gasoline, crude oil, and many others
  • Excellent abrasion, chemical, and puncture resistance
  • Dust control sleeves and transitions, 1st choice for dust free factories
  • Smooth welded seam
Application summary 040AS
Seeflex 040E AS
Seeflex 040E AS
Physical Properties
Hardness (Shore A): 90
Wall Thickness (mm) 1
Tensile Strength (MPa) 37
Temp Range -25 to 95°C
Low Temp, Flexibility Good
Surface Finish Gloss/Gloss
Ultimate Elongation (%) 450
Tear Strength - Die C (N) 51
Material Resistance (Ohms) 108
100% Modulus (MPa) 7.5
300% Modulas (MPa) 11.7
Permeability 0

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