FlexibleFittings.com is operated by ARL Products, a stocking distributor for BFM Global Ltd. Located in Houston, TX, and we can ship same day to your facility. We have trained application experts that will discuss your application and provide proposals normally same day if required. We also can provide custom connections to “drop in” to existing connections. Such as 150# drilled flanges, stub with Morris type couplings, and Jacob flanges.

These flexible fittings are a new generation of industrial fittings. BFM® fitting is changing the way the world changes their connectors. Join a growing list of leading Multi-National companies that are enjoying the advantages of the BFM® technology in their factories. Eliminate the need for hose clamps with our patented technology. The BFM® fitting is cleaner, safer, lasts much longer than a standard fabric and hose clamp fitting and can be replaced quickly and easily without requiring tools.

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