A pure PTFE connector capable of running at high temperatures, and can be used across the full pH scale.

Key Features:

  • Capable of running at high temperatures (Continuously operating at 300ºC / 572ºF with short-term surges at 316ºC / 600ºF)
  • Can be used on products across the full pH scale i.e. caustic and acid products will not effect PTFE
  • Designed to dissipate electrical charge - 106
  • Food Grade - compliant with FDA & EU regulations
Note: Teflex NP is not recommended for use in oscillating applications. For vibrating applications, please discuss with your local BFM® Distributor.
Teflex NP Connector Standing in Spigot
Teflex NP
Physical Properties
Fibre Pure PTFE
Color Cross film
Weight 459 g/m2
13.5 oz/yd2
Thickness 0.23mm / 1/64"
Max. Operating Temp 316˚C / 572˚F
Max. Surge Temp 316˚C / 572˚F
Surface Resistivity (Ohms) 106
Tensile Strength 263 N/50mm
300 lbs/inch
Tear Strength 97 N / 25 lbs
Air Permeability None