Teflex is made from pure woven PTFE and can be used in high temperature applications and with either caustic or acid products.
  • Capable of running at high temperatures – continuously operating at 260°C / 500°F with short term surges at 280°C / 536°F.
  • Can be used on products across the full pH scale, i.e. either caustic or acid products will not effect Teflex.
Teflex Connector
Teflex Connector
Physical Properties
Construction Plain Weave
Weight (g/m2) 393
Thread Count (per cm) 19 x 12.6
Air permeability (cc/cm2/sec@12.7mm w.g.) .25-0.5
Fiber 100% Polyester
Average Tensile Strength (kg) Test Standard ASTM 5034 Warp 522 Weft 745
Finish Sourced and Heat Set
Max Operating Temerature (C°) 130 continuous / 150 surge
Color White

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