Ensuring sanitation, safety and efficiency has long caused headaches for those working in bulk powder processing plants. While engineers, quality control, and maintenance personnel work diligently to maintain rigorous sanitation and safety standards, many have simply become accustomed to the inefficiency caused by the traditional flex sleeves and hose clamps used in powder process systems.The BFM® fitting ensures the safest, cleanest, and most efficient operation for all your process equipment.

With the BFM® fitting, enhanced operation is a SNAP!

Featuring a sanitary sleeve design, a unique ability to seal even tighter under high pressure conditions, and a tool-free quick-snap installation, the BFM® fitting brings immediate improvements for bulk powder processors in:


Safe manufacturing, plant sanitation and product contamination are top concerns in the bulk powder processing industry. With standard hose clamps and flexible connectors, sanitation and safety problems are persistent aggravations that must be remedied daily.The BFM® fitting ensures sanitary connections between all your process equipment.

Before the BFM® fitting:

With traditional hose clamps and flexible sleeves, powder buildups and chronic powder leakage are threats to your manufacturing plant and product lines, exposing your process to potentially dangerous contamination.Powder leakage can result from loose fitting clamps or out of round piping.

After the BFM® fitting

The BFM® fitting is designed to provide a safe manufacturing process by ensuring a smooth crevice free connection. Powder does not become trapped in the connector, minimizing the chance for cross contamination. The snap band forms a positive seal, preventing powder from leaking to atmosphere.Sleeve snap band fits tight with no crevices.

With the BFM® fitting, powder leakage and powder buildups are no longer a problem. The smooth crevice free design ensures that product flows efficiently and smoothly through process piping. The BFM® fitting ensures an efficient, clean and safe manufacturing plant.Positive seal keeps powder from leaking and keeps your plant clean



With standard industrial hose clamps and flexible connectors, overpressure incidents in your powder processing lines can lead to potentially dangerous situations.
The BFM® fitting seals even tighter than traditional hose clamps in the event of an explosion or high pressure incident. This unique feature can reduce your worries over explosion venting and employee safety.


The BFM® fitting is resistant to over pressure incidents and seals even tighter from internal pressure

Standard hose clamps and flexible connectors require the use of screwdrivers or wrenches and carry a high risk of damage to the connector, or worse, injury to the operator. Tools could fall into process equipment or onto other plant personnel, resulting in injury.
The BFM® flexible sleeve snaps easily into place with nothing more than your hands.
No tools required!



Are you looking to improve plant efficiency? The BFM® fitting, comprised of two basic elements, the flexible sleeve with integral top and bottom snap bands and two matched spigots, replaces hose clamps and standard flexible connectors which can be difficult to fit and awkward to install.The flexible sleeve snaps tightly in place in between the spigots.

Time Efficiency: Put Your Tools Away

The BFM® fitting eliminates the need to use tools (Click image for video clip) The tool-free BFM® fitting snaps easily into place using only your hands in less than 40 seconds. The installation and removal process is very simple, ensuring that the installation is perfectly replicable across multiple operators


Cost Efficiency: The BFM® fitting can Last Longer!

Unlike hose clamps, which can abrade the sleeve material, the smooth snap-in BFM® fitting has no wear points and will last longer than your old flex sleeves.Easy change out for cleaning and replacement in less than 40 seconds.

The BFM® fitting is Customizable!

Spigots can be custom fit to your process pipe dimensions. Flexible sleeve installation then becomes quick and easy. Standardized sizes and easy snap-fit installation mean less down time for routine change-outs.The BFM® fitting can be retrofit to your current equipment.