Pet Food Industry Flexible Connector

The BFM® fitting system is used extensively in both the wet and dry pet food manufacturing industry throughout the world.

The strength and flexibility of the Seeflex 040E material is ideal for sifters and feeders, and the transparency ensures visibility of product flow. These environments also need to be free from dust, with the risk of secondary dust explosions eliminated.

The BFM® fitting is the perfect solution to meet the demands of the pet food manufacturing environment.

bfm-fitting-sanitary-connector Improved hygiene.

There is no more dust leakage, eliminating cross contamination of products and reducing general housekeeping costs. BFM® fitting flexible connectors are 100% sealed.


bfm-fitting-snap-in-flexible-connectorHealth & Safety.

Lack of need for tools to remove or install the flexible connector in difficult positions ensures a much safer change-over process. BFM® fitting flexible connector snaps right into place.


bfm-fitting-system-is-easy-to-installEasy Installation.

Standardization of parts ensures BFM® fitting Flexible Connectors fit correctly every time. The simple snap-fit of the flexible BFM® fitting makes change-overs easy.


bfm-fitting-connectors-save-moneyReduced downtime.

Fast and efficient cleaning in between product runs means downtime is significantly reduced. Food processing plants have saved thousands of dollars by switching over to the BFM® fitting spigot and connector system.


bfm-fitting-is-explosion-resistant-flexible-connectorExplosion resistant.

The elimination of dust combined with the anti-static properties of BFM® fittings helps eliminate the risk of secondary explosion.

BFM® connectors are 3A approved, and conform with FDA, EC and ATEX regulations.

Royal Canin in France commented to BFM®'s local Distributor CPSI:
“We make granulated pet food and wanted to avoid risk of both product contamination and damage to the granules on our sifter. The BFM® connector is a perfect solution. Although it is an abrasive product we have only had to change the connector once per year.”

Iams Pet Food in Netherlands have told BFM®s Distributor Insolids:

“The connectors we used were leaking in an Atex zone. We changed all connectors on our sifters to BFM® to reduce the dust in the factory and improve safety.

The BFM® also lasts for about 4 times longer than the connectors we used in the past.”



Long BFM® connectors (above) are used in one of Nestle Purina's largest pet food manufacturing plants in Europe to add spices and lactose to the meat mixture prior to cooking (wet pet food).

The connectors are long due to the cleaning process used where a large lid is opened beneath the connector position making a fixed pipe impossible.

BFM® fitting Video Guides


Have you checked out the BFM® IG calculator?

BFM fitting installation gap calculator

The biggest single cause of product 'failure' for BFM® fitting is an incorrect Installation Gap - ie. the space left between the spigots is either too big or too small for the connector chosen.

Understanding the correct IG is easy with the BFM® IG Calculator. Check it out here.

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