Sanitary Connection for Dairy

The perfect solution - BFM® fitting for Dairy

BFM fitting 316SS spigot tri clamp

Certified for use in USDA and 3-A powder applications

BFM fittings Sanitary & Sealed

HYGIENE: No dust leakage

  • 100% sealed

  • Eliminate dust leakage

  • Eliminate cross-contamination of products.


  • Snap-fit installation

  • Change-overs in minutes


  • Fast and efficient cleaning in between product runs

  • Spend less time cleaning & maintain the highest sanitary standards


Sanitary connection for Dairy

The regular gas purging of the system forced powder through small gaps in the old-style sock and steel clamp connector.

This caused an unhygienic environment and hours of down-time for regular cleaning. There was also a major contamination point created by significant product build up between the externally fitted sock and hopper.

The steel strapping clamps were very time consuming to remove and re-fit during sock cleaning & replacement.



BFM sanitary connection for Dairy

The installation of a BFM® fitting sanitary connector for both the upper and lower connections has created a sealed system, and the filling room is now a dust-free environment.

The pressure from the gas purging no longer causes product leakage, and because the fitting sits inside the spigot, there is no product build-up at the connector joins.

When the fittings do need replacing, it’s now a quick and easy snap-fit process.


Since installing the BFM® fitting sanitary connector system, the room is clean and there has been a significant reduction in both downtime and replacement costs.

BFM spigot reduced to tri clamp and electropolished

Need to customize your BFM® spigot? ARL Products can help. 


Check out this bad boy! BFM fitting 316SS spigot reduced to tri clamp fitting and electropolished to Pharmaceutical / Nutraceutical grade.


With free in-house engineering, custom fabrication abilities, and large inventory, ARL Products makes it easy to design and retrofit BFM® fitting sanitary connector systems in your facility.

BFM® fitting in dairy

  • Large BFM Seeflex 040E
    Large diameter Seeflex 040E in infant formula production

Have you checked out the BFM® IG calculator?

BFM fitting installation gap calculator

The biggest single cause of product 'failure' for BFM® fitting is an incorrect Installation Gap - ie. the space left between the spigots is either too big or too small for the connector chosen.

Understanding the correct IG is easy with the BFM® IG Calculator. Check it out here.

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ARL Products Food customer using BFM fitting



Food customer using BFM fitting



Food customer using BFM fitting


ARL Products Food customer using BFM fitting

ARL Products Food customer using BFM fittingARL Products Food customer using BFM fitting

ARL Products Food customer using BFM fitting

ARL Products Food customer using BFM fitting